Sats 🛰 and Summits

Beside usual activities like rag chewing with ham friends on the local repeater, one or another phone and cw contact on the hf bands, a bit of contesting, I’m interested in satellite operation and portable operation, like SOTA, IOTA, BOTA or POTA as well.


In the late 80s an 90s I’ve been very active with and on almost all amateur radio radio satellites, beginn with UO-9, RS-10/11, then AO-10 and 13 up to AO-40 in the beginning of the 2000s. I made some satellite DX-peditions to the Isle of Man (1990), the final day of the GDR (1990), the Channel Islands (1991),  and even Svalbard/Spitsbergen (1992). I joinded AMSAT-DL and became editor of their members’ magazine while I was at university. I had the chance helping in the P3D lab (Ao-40) for a few days. Later they elected me vice president, and even my diploma thesis with the “Overall Electrical Design of P3E” was a close link to amateur radio and its satellite service. With former AMSAT-DL presidents Werner Haas (DJ5KQ sk) and Karl Meinzer (DJ4ZC) I had great mentors and tutors in my academic life.

After a long “baby gap” I restarted satellite activities in 2020 with first experiments in receiving the QO-100 geosynchronous satellite, and since 2021 transmitting via its Narrow Band Transponder.


For activations see: DL6DBN – SOTLAS